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Blue and Green Should always be seen

Having been brought up on the expression 'blue and green should never be seen', I now realise how this couldn't be more wrong.

I've talked about natures colours and the calming combination of blue and green but this does so much more. When you look outside on a sunny day, have you ever thought 'oh that bright green grass looks dreadful with that vibrant blue sky’?

Neither have I. It simply makes us feel content, positive and happy.

This combination is stunning, one of my favourites. For less saturated and subdued tones, try Farrow and Balls Stiffkey Blue and Ball Green or for a more intense mix try Dulux’s Sapphire Salute and Melon Sorbet.

Something to think about when decorating a room, is to mimic nature. If you are using more than one colour on one wall, I would tend to start with the darkest colour at the bottom, like dark green trees gradually getting lighter as they gain sunlight, then hitting the backdrop of bright light blue sky.

This picture was taken by a best friend and a fantastic photographer, check out her work on

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