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All the Best Parties Happen in the Kitchen

In the words of Jona Lewie circa 1980 “you’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties”.

This revelation is still standing the test of time.

Looking at future interior trends, the kitchen remains the heart and soul of the home.

Being the most sociable room in the house means high expectations.

Most kitchens these days, whether part of a new build or old, have been designed to fulfil the tall order of cooking, cocktails, and chatter simultaneously.

It’s all about the island. Big or small it’s the perfect host. Safely and subtly defending the cook, it welcomes the guests just close enough to mingle. Full of character, a real party animal who likes to make a statement.

The island lighting is of utmost importance, it doubles up as task and ambient lighting so ensure you have a dimmer. There are plenty of options here, from a large statement pendant, several pendants in a row, a multi bulb pendant or a strip LED.

Don’t hang too high and be blinded by the light and don't hang too low so that you bang your head, consider taller family members!

Here are some of our favourites at Coosh Interiors.

Douglas Friedman, courtesy of Architectural Digest.

Courtesy of DeVol

Thomas Loot, courtesy of Architectural

Courtesy of ModCabinetry

And to compliment the island, don’t forget the not so humble bar stool. Functional and sociable it’s an interior design essential. The perfect accessory for any party. As part of the celebration, we have prepared the Coosh Interiors Bar Stool ‘It List.’

Graham and Green


John Lewis

If you are looking for a Dorset based interior designer to help fulfil your kitchen dreams, call us and arrange a free consultation.


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