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Christmas Table Styling


The time has come when we are pondering over the Christmas table decor.

You will probably be hosting an event at some point over the festive season, maybe on the big day itself. As a Christmas host, something we have to get right is the table styling, the pressure’s on!

We love the Christmas table and want it to be perfect, an inviting festive glow and a feast for the eyes.

Do we go traditional or modern?

Glamorous or understated?

Sparkle or shine?

There are numerous ways to style your table but let’s go with the style of your room as a good starting point.

Rustic Traditional

This classic Christmas look is the one we all know and love. Bringing in the traditional holly bush, fir cones and greenery, rustic wood, reds, greens, whites and candles in abundance. Start with a centre piece, layer up plates and decorate with complimentary fabric napkins and traditional crackers. Highlight the centre of the table with a classic runner in a contrasting colour or table cloth draped over the whole table or both.


Modern Scandi

A very popular style, clean, simple and neutral. Stick to earthy colours in wood, greens and natural fabrics. Definitely a less cluttered table giving a simple yet affective outcome. Candles are a must, once again but maybe a more slimline style mixed with some simple lines and plenty of white. A little sprig of mistletoe would work well here.



For a mix of both traditional and contemporary, multi coloured or themed, eclectic is your answer. Combine the unused tree baubles with some greenery and mix with a candelabra of multi coloured candles and vases with some scattered fairy lights and paper decorations. Napkins and crackers accessorise the plates and can be in one of the many colours used.


Think of your table as a blank canvas. Lay a runner, cloth or both, set the places to ensure you have plenty of room for the crockery and glasses, then populate the table from the centre outwards, centrally being the largest piece, the main attraction.

Create a glow, candles and/or fairy lights are an absolute must, entwine the lights in greenery or amongst berries and other props. Vary heights, textures and colours to create interest. Most importantly, create the cosiness, dim the lights and let it twinkle.

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