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What does Interior Design Entail?

Are you thinking about decorating and don’t know where to start?

Are you unsure as to whom you need to hire for your home renovation?

Have you started your renovation and are now daunted by limitless choices and decisions?

Do you need someone to step in bring it all together for you?

That’s us : )

I have spoken to many people who are unaware of whom or what they need to get their home project finished. They’ve hired a builder to knock down a wall, do an extension or whatever work it may.

Builders are fantastic at what they do but they are not designers, therefore they come to you with a myriad of questions; where do you want the opening, how high, whats going on the floor, what colour are your walls, what size are the tiles, what lighting are you having.… and so the questions continue.

Now you’re daunted, the builder is scheduled in and the work is starting!

An interior designer should come in at the very beginning of the process. This way we can ensure you are doing what’s best for you, your lifestyle, family, home and budget.

The process starts at functionality and layout. From here, we will be:

• Putting colours and mood boards together

• Getting samples

• Doing floor and lighting plans

• Dealing with trades

• Working up technical drawings

• Sourcing furniture and accessories

And overall, building a cohesive scheme to ensure the end product is functional and looks beautiful.

We take the pain out of the process for you and make it enjoyable.

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