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What Interior Design is Trending for 2022?

The Curve

Image, courtesy of Elle Decor

Since last year, the curve is being celebrated in all areas of interiors, including kitchen units, furniture, lighting and accessories. It’s taking it’s shape as full, bold and geometric, organically flowing and continuous, playful and fun.

Nest chair image, courtesy of 1st Dibs

Bouclé chair image, courtesy of Pavilion Broadway

Most of us would have heard of the Nest and Bouclé chair, a few of the first to make a come back in this soft, rounded shape. The style has evolved, become bigger and plumper over time and is, aesthetically, the most soft, cosy and inviting chair. Vogue has rightly nicknamed the style ‘puffy furniture’.

Image, courtesy of Bert and May

Kitchen cabinets and island tops are embracing the curve, whilst in the accessories world, candles are now a myriad of shapes with the curve playing a large part. Tile design is always a favourite of mine as there are endless designs to be created to add pattern to your walls and floors.

Biophilic Design

Image courtesy of Greenroofs

To bring nature into our home improves our mind and wellbeing, reducing stress and creating a calm environment.

Still spending more time at home than we ever did, we are all finding the need for nature. Plants are an absolute must in any home, they bring in the outdoors, they are bold in colour and organic shape and ultimately, they have health benefits, such as eliminating toxins from the air and boosting your mood.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is a great addition to a room, it looks beautiful with its full evergreen leaves and is very hardy. Place it in a sunny spot and give it some water.

Natural colours, fabrics, materials and forms are relaxing and resemble nature, this is why many of us are attracted to it. Blues and greens combined with neutrals and wooden furniture all resemble nature.

Natural light, fresh air and sunshine are the final ‘must haves’. Clean the windows, replace dark window dressings and fabrics with fresh light natural fabrics, add mirrors to dark walls to reflect light, lighten any room colours that feel too oppressive. And once again, let the light shine in!

Bold Colours and Patterns

Courtesy of Ideal Home

Primary colours, clashing colours and mixing bold with neutral back drops might be too daring for some but when done correctly, can make your home a fantastic colourful and happy place to be. Colour blocking is one way to introduce colour to a room without taking it all the way, it will bring some interest, contrast and liven up the space.

Retro tones and patterns have made their way back in with burnt oranges, olives and yellows and whilst blue is still big, we are seeing a much brighter blues than navy making pops of colour in our homes.

Statement patterns and floral wallpaper and fabrics, large stunning murals covering full walls can certainly add artistic interest and make an impact. If you don’t have large rooms, go for a smaller print or your room will end up looking even smaller.

Celebrate the curve, nature and boldness and wrap your room in a confident big green floral display.

Courtesy of Milton and King

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