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Recreate that Beach Feeling with your Coastal Interiors

If you live near the coast, like me, you feel you should embrace coastal style somewhere in your interiors. Maybe it’s just inherently in us to be drawn to its elements. Almost in the same way that I feel I should be able to surf. Lets pretend that I can!

Embracing a coastal style interior doesn’t mean hanging anchors from the ceiling and nailing seashells to the wall. It doesn’t mean painting bunting on your walls, like a beach hut. It should give you so much more.

You want to create that beach feeling, the feeling of space, fresh air, sunshine and freedom. Here are a few tips to creating it:

• Keep your room open and spacious, not too much furniture and no clutter, open it up

• Let the windows bring in as much light as possible. Dress with light sheers and not heavy curtains

• Stick to casual style furniture, that looks relaxed and inviting

• Accessorise your seating with soft, comfortable linen combined with a nautical stripe for your cushions and throws

• Use fresh white on the walls giving an instant cool and calm backdrop

• Accent with earthy neutrals and shades of sea blue

• Cladding and panelling on the walls in a white wash or deep blue give a beach hut/retreat affect

• Natural materials are essential, jute or sisal rugs, wooden floors and wicker, weathered driftwood furniture.

• For accessories, think white washed and weathered picture frames, white flowers in clear or blue vases, lots of plants and coastal artwork

In a beautiful coastal room you should feel relaxed, content and once again, happy : )

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